wealth building systemIf you have found this website it’s probably because you are in the same situation as me and you are trying to find a wealth building system for making money.  I’ve had the idea of journaling my approach to financial independence for a long time because I think there are a lot of people out there just like me.  I’ve been trying to become wealthy for over 18 years at the time of this writing and I’ve come close a few times, but have always fell short.

I’ve done just about every home based business possible and have only been able to make a living at best.  Sometimes It feels like the world is against me, and becoming rich is like an exclusive club I’ll never be able to join.  I know that’s not the case, I just need to get the timing right and find the right opportunity.  Sound familiar?  If so, I invite you to take a look at a whole new approach with a wealth building system that I have discovered.

an “all cash” wealth building system

I’ve taken a lot of time to analyze my role in the lack of success in my business ventures and as a result I have also spent a lot of time educating myself.  In the past, some of the best personal development information that I have read has been about people just like me who are struggling through the same thing I am.

I’m not talking about all of these testimonials that you read on the latest “get rich quick” website either.  ”Kim the school teacher” went from eating pork & beans and taking the bus to work to making more money in a month than she did in a year as a teacher.  Okay, good for her, but the most important thing is that I relate to the person.

wealth systemI want to know what their struggles were and how they overcame them.   If I truly feel that they were just like me then I can believe that I can do it too.  Telling me that you used to be like me but now you make $ 50,000 a month doesn’t do me any good.  Although I am very happy for you and I wish I were in your shoes, I can’t help but ask myself some questions like:  Do I have the capabilities that you have?  Is the timing still right or has the ship already sailed on what you made your money on?  Are you telling the truth?  And will it work for me?


“I need something thats realistic and attainable”

I know that I have already wasted too much time chasing after all of these other “get rich quick” schemes only to find out later that the only one who made any money is the guy who created it.  When I finally decided to take a look at the people around me who were successful and compare what they were doing to my efforts, I realized that I wasn’t doing anything like them.

The lack of success didn’t have anything to do with how hard I was trying, but more with what I was trying to do.  Chasing after quick money and overnight success programs only work if you are lucky enough to have good timing,  true wealth is achieved through practical steps and I have discovered that there is a secret to becoming financially independent that works better than any other way to build wealth – “CASH”

You need a practical wealth building system

wealth building systemI realized that an “all cash” approach is the best way to build wealth and I, unfortunately, learned this the hard way after I lost everything I worked for.  It wasn’t until my darkest hour that the light-bulb came on and I saw that not only would being liquid have helped me but I would have been able to make a fortune if I had some cash at the time.

In light of this realization I decided to start over with a whole new approach and I want to share it with you here.  So, in the spirit of turning lemons into lemonade this has opened up an opportunity for me to share my ups and downs as I rebuild.  The idea is to create a motivational formula that will inspire you by being able to relate to my story and others so you know your not alone.  If we can learn anything from an economic disaster it is that debt is a killer, so the only alternative is to become debt free and have lots of cash (liquidity).  This concept is the backbone of my wealth building system and I have a bunch of great ideas that you can use to implement it into your life too.

If you are tired and frustrated with trying to figure out how you are going to achieve your financial freedom, then please feel free to read any of the free information that I share on this website.  I have made sure to give you quality and life changing information because I know how you feel and I don’t want you to feel like you are alone.

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