know yourselfThe goals that we establish for ourselves are going to be different for each of us and in order to accomplish any of them you first have to know yourself.  It only makes sense that people need to have different dreams and aspirations for there to be enough diversity to make the world go around.

After all not everyone on the planet can grow up to be a doctor.  We need people to build our homes, do our taxes, teach our children etc. and somewhere along that line you need to figure out where you fit in – and more importantly what will make you happy.

You must know yourself to determine success

For me the goal is to build a bankroll and roll portions of it into passive income streams that will leverage my time.  I personally have chosen to help other people achieve their dreams through sharing my experiences and philosophies in life and business.  The idea is to do what I love and make money at the same time. know yourselfOnce I make enough money to replace my wages from working, I plan on spending as much time with my family as I can, traveling, playing golf, and a list of interests that I would like to pursue.  The beautiful part about my plan is that I know building my bankroll is a sure fire way to accomplish my goal.  It may take some time, but I am willing to make that sacrifice.  The time is going to pass anyway, so I might as well spend it working on getting there instead of wishing for a miracle to fall out of the sky.

This is a clear picture of why it is important to know yourself and how it plays a huge roll in determining your success.  If you are unsure about what you want, it is important to do some self reflecting so let’s dig a little deeper.

You must know yourself in order to figure out what your “gift” is.

I believe that everyone has a gift of some kind that is given to them and once this gift is revealed; that is what you are supposed to do with your life.  For a few lucky people, it is plain to see what their specialty is.  If you could play a piano at 5 years old, or have a voice like Celine Dion, or play golf like Tiger Woods, then it’s pretty obvious what you should be doing for a living.  know yourselfI am so jealous of these people because it is just one less thing that they have to figure out about their lives. They can just concentrate on working towards their personal accomplishments because they are sure they are doing what they were meant to do.

It doesn’t apply to just famous people either; my wife knew when she was a child that she wanted to be a teacher.  Even though she had trouble getting through college, she knew what she wanted and that she wasn’t wasting her time.  And the most important part is that she was sure about it, there was no question this is what she was meant to do.  It caused her to work through her problems in finishing college and stick to her goal.  In her mind there was no alternative, what else was there?

Once she became a teacher, she excelled; in her first year alone the principal used her classroom as a showpiece to parents and school administrators, she was asked to be on the local news, and she inspired other teachers to elevate their standard of teaching.  By her second year she won Teacher of the Year – Slam Dunk.  My wife is amazing and I am so proud of her, but I am so jealous too.  I would have given anything to have known my whole life what I was meant to do.

Lack of commitment comes from being unsure.

Chances are that if you are reading this, you haven’t figured it out for yourself.  Maybe you are like me and you have spent much of your life wondering.  I have always known that if I could just figure it out, excelling would be easy.  know yourselfThe trap is that when you don’t know yourself, you only stray down a path so far because you aren’t sure how much success you will have.  I didn’t want to waste my time, but I ended up wasting my time not really doing anything.  As an alternative I found myself looking for quick and easy ways to make money – the idea being that if I could make enough money, then I’ll figure out what to do with my life…stupid.  All of the get rich quick schemes I tried were dead ends and again, a complete waste of time.  Trust me, figure out who you are first and then the money will become an afterthought.

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